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It has been a good 2 years since a web update, WOW. How time flies. Over the past 18 months it has been Volcanoes in Nicaragua & Iceland, projection mapping in Egypt, VR at the U.N. in Germany, Art Science Lab research in Spain, my first science presentation at the European Geoscience Union’s general assembly in Austria, fashion week in Paris, particle accelerators in Manchester and large scale text installations in Leeds seen by over a million people. I’ve been working with Music pioneer – Arthur Brown, Grime Artist – Ghetts, Cancer Charity – Movember, Fashion brands – Fred Perry & John Galliano. I’ve also been making a bookwork on art and science with 18 essays from the’s collective and started a role at the University of Leeds as Cultural Fellow in Art and Science researching real-time data streams in immersive technologies. 

I’ll be updating the website over April / May so sign up for updates as to when I’ve finished and to hear about what I am working on over the coming months, its large scale like I’ve never worked on before.

Dave (19th Apr 2019)



Please scroll down for some selected projects

  Selected Works (up to 2017) 
The Crystal Brain

The Crystal Brain is an artwork which represents the nature of our neural networks in an…

ThoughtForms Is an interactive experience exploring the relationship between neural activity and human consciousness.
Blake Remixed

Blake Remixed Acclaimed rapper and world record-holding beatboxer Testament smashes together UK Hip Hop with…

Here We Are
Project Nimbus

Project Nimbus

Souls as Software Objects
Souls as Software Objects explored the future of humanity and technology and was the third…
Frozen Music
The Frozen Music Collective is a new music and multimedia collective exploring the symbiosis of…
Jimi Choo 360 Degree 3D 4D Projection Mapping
Jimmy Choo | 4D Projection Mapping
Commissioned by Mat Collishaw to produce an epic 4D projection mapping sculpture for the launch…
Vauxhall Adam 360º Car 4D Projection Mapping
Full 360º interactive 4D projection mapping installation direct onto a Vauxhall Adam in the middle…
Leaving Planet Earth | Edinburgh International festival
Projection design for the centre piece show of Edinburgh International Festival 2012 by GridIron Theatre…
Phase Revival: An Optical Harmonica
An immersive kinetic installation, inspired by the physics of spectroscopy and molecules with music composed…
The Superposition

The Superposition is a network and space for artists , makers and scientists to collaborate.


BLOOM Bloom was a deep space sonic light installation in the once largest room in…

The Horse In Motion
The Horse in Motion is a reworking of Edweard Muybridges 1887 image through mobile projection performance.



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