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Co-set and Video Design with Becs Andrews for the centre piece show of Edinburgh International Festival 2012 by GridIron Theatre written by Catrin Evans and Lewis Hetherington. 

Set in the largest indoor climbing wall in the Europe, an epic promenade piece lasting 3.5 hours around a epic set spread across the arena.  Design included: 360º spherical projection onto 3m weather balloons, a 30m abstract projection mapping finale of the destruction of Earth, Gobo doorway design and various other projection mapping installations and visualisations.  I even got to design my own planet and weather system!

See below for a video and images.


Projection & Video Design


Grid Iron Theatre


Catrin Evans | Lewis Hetherington | Becs Andrews | Philip Pinsky | Pufferfish | Beata Zemanek

‘A beautiful, eloquent and technically stunning show that offers a unique and spectacular future perspective on the most challenging crisis of our time.’

★★★★ | The Scotsman

‘An extraordinary undertaking’

★★★★ | The Daily Telegraph

‘dazzling precision… a technical marvel on an epic scale’

★★★★ | The Metro

‘walking away from Leaving Planet Earth leaves you with a genuinely refreshed perspective on our environment’

★★★★ | The Huffington Post

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