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Horse from Motion | Dave Lynch | 2010

The Horse in Motion is a reworking of Edweard Muybridge’s 1887 image through mobile projection performance.  This has been an ongoing project since 2008 and exists as a video, installation and print work.

The work began as a research process to follow in the footsteps of the original pioneers of cinema with a view to re-imagine narratives from our past & see where they lead.

The work has been performed from campervans, rickshaws & aeroplanes. It has been screened at multiple exhibitions & festivals. It forms part of a body of work investigating our relationship to image in the form of mobile projections.

 Below is the original projection experiment in 2008

The Horse in Motion 1878

The horse in the moving projection is an animation created from the photographs of Edweard Muybridge in 1887.  This was a continuation of his early experiment from 1878 whereby 12 cameras were arranged along a track parallel to the horse’s, and each of the camera shutters was controlled by a trip wire which was triggered by the horse’s hooves.

They were 21 inches apart to cover the 20 feet taken by the horse stride, taking pictures at one thousandth of a second. These images lead to the creation of the Zoopraxiscope by Muybridge in 1879, it may be considered the first movie projector.  The device appears to have been one of the primary inspirations for Thomas Edison and William Kennedy Dickson’s Kinetoscope, the first commercial film exhibition system.

Rickshaw Projections | Photo by Benedict Phillips
Horse in Motion | Edweard Muybridge | 1878
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