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The Frozen Music Collective

The Frozen Music Collective is a new music and multimedia collective exploring the symbiosis of the human brain and technology.

We have pioneered software and techniques to allow the human brain to control the physical and virtual world.  We are interested in working in collaboration with Art + Music festivals, Institutions, Special schools + brands to design and create a new art pieces or a reworking of a previous installation or performance.

We have backgrounds in:

neuroscience | interactive programming | visual art | 4D advanced projection mapping | computer game design | Film production | large scale performance + installation | experimental jazz + music production + more.

Architecture as Frozen Music

The two pilot performances which created the collective happened as part of the Recon festival outside the Leeds Art Gallery in September 2014.  With a live audience of over 500 people, audience members transformed the existing perceivable architecture of the Gallery through video mapping linked to brainwaves, visually melting and morphing the building, blurring the edges of the senses and simulating synesthesia for participating audience members, during this live musical experience.

Somewhere between gig, theatre, installation and experiment

Huffington Post

Architecture as Frozen Music used the realtime scanning of performers brains to melt and morph the architecture of Leeds Art Gallery symbiotically linked to a live improvised score fusing written and improvised elements, acoustic and electronic sounds and, at it’s core. specially designed software allows the spontaneous electrical brain activity to interact with the music and visuals in real time via an EEG headset.

“Music is liquid architecture; Architecture is frozen music.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This was the beginning to research the potential of brain imaging technology for creative expression by using brain waves (EEG) to explore relationships between music and architecture and create a series of live audio visual projection mapping experiments.

The piece played with ideas of structure and chaos in imagining a world where architecture is as malleable as music – flexibly evolving to suit our changing states, moods, interests and needs. The artists used the chaotic stream of EEG information (made up of the evolving emotions, nervousness, excitement, stress and body temperature of individuals wearing the device) to perceptually alter both the building and the performed music in real-time. 

It partly reminded me of those 90’s paranoia-inflicting science-fiction B flicks in which technology and computing science, controlled by evil IT masterminds, was the villain and partly of the Terry Gilliam dreamlike sequences appearing in his best movies.

Ecaterina Stefanescu 

Residency and live performance for Dada festival / Syndrome in Liverpool

Working with two deaf musicians, Ruth Montgomery and Danny Lane from music and the deaf, the collective pioneered a working practice for improvisation based on live performers brainwaves.  Presented as a series of live experiments at the Bluecoat in Liverpool as part of the Dada festival to a live audience of 50.

The Sound of Coffee

We were approached to work with Taylors of Harrogate to creatively explore what happens in your brain when you drink coffee.  The performative installation took place in London with an invited audience of 100 over 2 nights, achieving reviews in Vice Magazine, the Daily Express amongst many other coffee related blogs and websites. See more here

Souls as Software Objects

SASO was a live performative experiment at Leeds Art Bistro, broadcast live online in 720p high definition, We recorded participants brainwaves through an hour long immersive performance exploring the future of humanity using live face tracking, projection mapping and brainwave controlled visuals.

This installation looked at the correlation between two subjects brainwaves whilst immersed in a 360º projection environment and watching a live feed of themselves morph into other participant using face tracking technology.

Souls as Software Objects explores the future of humanity and technology and is the third live performative experiment presented by the Frozen Music Collective. The project fuses written and improvised musical elements using acoustic and electronic sounds with visual technologies, interpreted through specially designed software that is stimulated by realtime conscious and subconscious brain activity.

Within the framework of this experiment the chosen participants are centred within the piece and their reactions are analysed through brainwave activity, exploring the topical narratives of technology and human existence with the hastening convergence of the two, from genetics and robotics, to nano­technology and artificial intelligence.  Enveloping mapped projections will engulf the audience within the site specific performance space, blurring the edges of the senses and simulating synesthesia for participating audience members, exploring the symbiotic relationship of the human brain and technology.

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