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Souls as Software Objects

SASO explored the future of humanity and technology and was the third live performative experiment presented by the Frozen Music Collective. Originally performed on the 14th of March 2015 at Leeds Art Bistro, broadcast in HD live online.  The project fused written and improvised musical elements using acoustic and electronic sounds with visual technologies, interpreted through specially designed software that is stimulated by realtime conscious and subconscious brain activity.



Within the framework of the live experiment, chosen participants are centred within the piece and their reactions are analysed through brainwave activity, exploring the topical narratives of technology and human existence with the hastening convergence of the two, from genetics and robotics, to nano­technology and artificial intelligence.



This installation looked at the correlation between two subjects brainwaves immersed in a 360º projection environment whilst watching a live feed of themselves morph into multiple faces including the other participant using face tracking technology.  We recorded the two brainwaves using software with a view to sync with the live performance footage to see the impact of the immersive environment on the human brain and the correlation of both participants.

During the research and performance we used modified versions of the open softwares.


Concept | Creative Direction | Content

Collaborators | Frozen Music Collective: 

Christophe De Bezenac | Chris Sharkey | Richard England | Paul Miller | Daniel Gallagher | Suzie Cross

Photography :

Ashley Karrell 

Video :

Ashley Karrell & Will Simpson

Live Stream :

Mitsu TV

Open Softwares Utilised :

Installations and Exhibition :

Live Performance | March 15 | Live Art Bistro | Leeds | UK

Installation | Notes From Technotopia | Oct – Dec 15 | Gallery II | University of Bradford | UK

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