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Jimmy Choo | 4D Projection Mapping

Commissioned by Contemporary British Artist Mat Collishaw working in collaboration with Urban Projections and Lumen to create an incredible, projection mapped installation environment for the launch of the Jimmy Choo’s Vices Collection at One Mayfair in London.

Based on the incredible Naica mines in Mexico, created video footage was intricately mapped around the towering shards and crystal clusters. Light passes, pulsating glows and shadow effects were overlayed onto footage of tower blocks, rain and traffic to enhance the effect of light refracting through crystal shards.

One of the fascinating elements of these projections was the creation of a new process for projection mapping, this process allowed seamless projections over a large scale complex 3D structure with multiple projectors.  Ill upload a tutorial on this process soon.


Projection Design | Content Creation | Advanced 4D Mapping 


Jimmy Choo | Mat Collinshaw Studio


Urban Projections | Lumen

Jimmy Choo Setup

Event shots

4D Film Process

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