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Works with Sunlight

On the continuing exploration of mobile projections and especially after the success of the running man, a new form of transport was needed for a performance at a exhibition called Works with Sun Light.  At first I was going to go for a reverse tricycle but after running along side of the tricycle controlling the speed with my phone and nearly running into walls and posts, I quickly realised that paying attention to where you’re going is pretty much the only thing you should be concentrating on!  As luck would have it, in neighboring York someone was selling their pedicab business, a week later I was staring at a 9ft by 4ft 2 seater bicycle taxi.  With some amazing woodworking and construction skills by Micheale Spessa a table mount was created for the fiber glass cab.  No time for a lick of paint as it was straight to Cheltenham for the opening night.

There were 3 scheduled performances over the 3 week exhibition, one where the technology didn’t quite adjust to the rickshaw’s rugged ride.  The second involved the wheel nut sheering rendering the rickshaw pedal powerless, just as it was getting dark. The third was smooth, balanced and inspiring.

The projection performance was based on the humble pigeon changing the fate of the town in the 18th century when local people noticed pigeons pecking at salt deposits by a spring south of the town.  This mineral spring brought national recognition to the town giving it the name of Cheltenham Spa.  The projection: which began as a white silhouette of a pigeon then developed into being chased by the running man who sometimes took over so he was being chased by the pigeon.

Video coming soon

This was made possible by a commission for a exhibition at MEANTIME in Cheltenham, curated by Gavin McClafferty,


Drystone waller turned film maker/animator/VJ/educator, now an artist/entrepreneur/projection bomber interested using technology/ intervention as a medium for social change.  Currently researching experimental projection methods from moving vehicles/ interactive programming and blending tea.

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