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NY Times Mention

Working with Delphine Perrot in our 2nd collaboration as DD we got a mention in the NY Times with our project 'The Look' for the LUMEN festival on Staten Island. We explored the film 'King Kong'  (1933), set in NY…

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Tech Yurt Roundtables TechYurt uses open source technologies to create an online and offline environment in which innovative and creative thinking can thrive.  The facilitated space encourages the development of new applications for existing and emerging technologies, allowing participants to solve…

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Digital Media Labs

Working with Benedict Phillips and Glenn Boulter, we developed Digital Media Labs [], a process whereby a residential media lab creates a new way of commissioning digital art.  Please have a read of the booklet from the project below:  …

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The wonderful world of…

Ten Internationally submitted audio visual artworks  exploring stories formulated from the fractal nature of bipolar mania.  The curators are interested in how a hybrid of curation, film programming and proximity broadcast can embody the multiple cognitive processes of mania.  Simultaneously projection of the ten works onto the courtyard facades of Temple Works interwoven location based pockets of FM transmitted soundtracks will allow the viewer to discover the audio by movement; either syncing to the original, re-scoring the remaining 9 works or creating an interference of multiple soundtracks.

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Coldstones Quarry Projections

Commissioned by Lumen to produce a projection mapping installation for the opening of Coldstones Cut by sculpture Andrew Sabin. The Coldstones Cut combines the curious conventions of a contemporary streetscape with the brute impressiveness of ancient stone block constructions. Perched…

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Works with Sunlight

On the continuing exploration of mobile projections and especially after the success of the running man, a new form of transport was needed for a performance at a exhibition called Works with Sun Light.  At first I was going to…

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