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Solar controlled RGB slide projector

The RGB slide projector is an installation that reacts to the strength of sunlight by changing through the colours of Red, Green and Blue. This light in turn shines through a photographic slide constructed from coloured blocks of the same hues of Red 255, Green 255, Blue 255.  When the coloured light hits the respective colour on the photographic slide, they are made invisible by the coloured light. The remaining projected image is created from the other two primary colours. As this is a work in progress.


The circuit board was designed and built by Scott Towler, which uses a solar cell taken from a calculator.

The piece was developed in response to a exhibition called Works in Sunlight at the MEANTIME Gallery in Cheltenham curated by Gavin McClafferty. This has been my first piece developed specifically for a gallery. The majority of my work is created for non-traditional spaces.

Video and more images to come soon.


Drystone waller turned film maker/animator/VJ/educator, now an artist/entrepreneur/projection bomber interested using technology/ intervention as a medium for social change.  Currently researching experimental projection methods from moving vehicles/ interactive programming and blending tea.

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