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NY Times Mention

Working with Delphine Perrot in our 2nd collaboration as DD we got a mention in the NY Times with our project ‘The Look’ for the LUMEN festival on Staten Island. We explored the film ‘King Kong’  (1933), set in NY by extracting the eyes of Kong, we asked the viewer to revisit their cinematic memories of the beast through one of the most predominant forms of how humans recognise one other and reveal emotion.  We wanted to show the romantic side to one of cinema’s well known beasts and by focusing on the eyes, a prime part of how we recognise each other as humans.


Drystone waller turned film maker/animator/VJ/educator, now an artist/entrepreneur/projection bomber interested using technology/ intervention as a medium for social change.  Currently researching experimental projection methods from moving vehicles/ interactive programming and blending tea.

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