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Candle House

Commissioned to design a week long light installation for the launch of Candle House in the centre of Leeds next to the train station. Candle House is 23 storey cylindrical building designed by Carey Jones. The building was named after the candle and tallow packing warehouses that used to reside on this site.

candle house

Photos by Tricky

The brief was to subtly engage the public over a week highlighting different parts of the building. This was to end with a full tower dynamic light illumination. The original design for the installation can be seen on the video below, but due to some unforeseen limitations, the lateral movement had to be sacrificed leaving the only the vertical for experimentation.

Visualisation of the initial idea for the installation.

Music: Green Mount Studios


Creative Direction | Installation Design


Vast Agency | Candle House


Innovation Productions | Lumen

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