Thought Forms (TF) is an interactive, brain-generated (digital arts) experience exploring the relationship between brain activity and human consciousness through representing live neural activity as an ominous, holographic projection and surround sound installation. The artwork utilises the Tibetan Book of the Dead’s concept of ‘thoughtforms‘, which are understood as hallucinations in perception to spark reflection/debate into the reality/virtuality of consciousness and the manner in which it emerges from interconnected neural networks.

The user’s brainwaves are captured via an EEG headset which is processed into the recognised frequency bands – alpha, beta etc.  These frequencies control a series of five open source, audio visual synthesisers based on natural mechanisms such as chaos and swarm behaviours designed by CHDH.  The user can also directly control sonic and visual elements with their level of focus on the resulting experience (producing a feedback loop), for example, increasing reverberation, expanding the 5.1 audio spatial perception, visual trails and colour shifts.  In addition each time the user blinks, the algorithm changes, creating a new space as their eyes reopen.

To date, TF has manifested in two installations from The Frozen Music Collective:  (1) as part of a live performance Souls as Software Objects, which looked at the correlation between the brains of two participants; (2) The Crystal Brain , a 7 year installation at the International Centre for Life, which projects the visuals onto 12 powder glass screens in a 3m circular dark space.


Co – Direction | Visual Design


Christophe De Bezenac | Frozen Music Collective

Open Softwares

Egregore developed in Pure Data by CHDH

Performances & Installations :

Souls as Software Objects | Leeds | UK | March 15

International Centre for Life | Newcastle | UK | March 16 – 2023

National Media Museum | Bradford | UK | June 2016