Photo by Benedict Phillips

It’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission.” – Grace Hopper

I seek pioneering discoveries, the joy of risk, the chance to witness the beauty in the creation of new knowledge, processes and prototypes.  I’m driven by the sharing, collaboration, education and cultural dialogue that art and creativity can inspire.

I’m an artist, director and inventor working at the intersection of moving image, large scale interactive installation, performance and projection.   Emerging themes in my work question our perceptions of self, the role of the image in a world where our relationship to technology is beyond recognition.

“Play is underestimated” Steve Manthorp

My practice combines elements of art, science, military, maker and media cultures as part of it’s tactics, technologies and production.  My research investigates models of cross disciplinary collaborative practice through play and doing.  Especially the convergence of art, science and maker cultures, exploring the beauty of science though experiential installation, modalities of process, best practice, reflective development and language.  This is underpinned by a personal belief that art can produce genuine new science as part of this process.

Collaboration is core to both my artistic and commercial practice, working with artists, academics, physicists, neuroscientists, creative technologists, cultural experts, musicians, brands and more.  

“Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise; seek what they sought.” – Bashō Matsuo

I’m fascinated by the fusion of new and old technologies, methods and processes to create new tools and techniques for social engagement and change. Often inspired by the beauty of science fact and fiction, military advancements, cutting edge & sustainable technologies.  Imbued by the work of the original pioneers in the cinematic, scientific and communication fields as part of this process.

My work usually manifests through spectacle via lens based media; interactive audio visual performance, installation, intervention and prototypes.  I specialise in mobile projection from moving vehicles – cars, rickshaws and aircraft. I’m interested in the use of expanded cinematic concepts, playing with open-source disruptive devices; guerrilla techniques and tools as a means for social change.

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”         Lewis Carroll 

I have performed over 360 live shows, over 20 large scale installations including the World’s once largest room, Europe’s largest indoor climbing wall, a 20 storey cylindrical building, a 90m high quarry and seamless 360º 4D projections onto cars and complex 4m crystal clusters.  

In 2015, I achieved a world first with the projection of moving images onto clouds from aircraft using 19th century technology in collaboration with physicists which widely reported including New scientist, The Smithsonian and the BBC, it even sparked a conspiracy theory about the dawning of the apocalypse and soon to feature on the discovery channel.

Other works have been featured on BBC 2, The World Service,, The New York Times, VICE and Project Nimbus debuts in New Scientist in 2015. Selected clients include: Jimi Choo, Vauxhall, Smirnoff, Pampero, HP, Siemens, Opera North.

I have pioneered the projection of moving images onto clouds using repurposed technology from the 1800s, Projection mapping installations controlled by brainwaves using EEG and FriiSpray – a virtual graffiti system.